The University of Patras and the International Transport Security Organizations are organizing the International Conference


“Transport Security”


This Conference will take place at the Conference Centre of the Greek Ministry of Transport and Communications on May 22 and 23, 2008.


The Conference is organized under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Transport and Communications.




The Scope of this Conference is the presentation and consideration of the recent developments in Transport Security and the analysis of its implications in the development of the Public Private Partnership (PPP) and Built–Operate-Transfer (BOT) Projects in Europe.


The current legislative framework and requirements of the European Union and the international organizations dealing with transport security, which include the International Civil Aviation Organization, the International Maritime Organization and the European Civil Aviation Conference, Eurocontrol and the proposals and resolutions of international associations such as the International Air Transport Association, the Airport Council International, the Association of European Airlines and the European Regional Airlines Association, dictate the need for an elevated and substantial role of security in the operation of transport business.


The role, involvement, legal requirements and cost of security are of major concern for states, operators and business developers. The risks of security are of critical importance for the funding of big transport projects as Public Private Partnership and BOT projects, by Banks and responsible for their financial support. Operators are considering the difficulties for the establishment of reliable security systems with regard to management, operation, cost efficiency and business success. New technologies are required to be installed, complying with the new European Union standards and the security staff is required to become highly specialized and certified according to the new regulations.


States are privatizing transport operations and new airports, ports, railways, metro and intermodal freight villages are seeking solutions in their quest for cost effective answers and the achievement of a balance between security and operational efficiency and commercial and financial success.


Different models of security operation are implemented in Europe and states and operators are considering and exploring ways and means in order to maximize the efficiency of security operation and staff, along with the achievement of business stability, continuity and development.


The conference will discuss and consider ideas and proposals which may provide answers to these questions and will be informed about the evolution of the security systems in the transport business. The upcoming enhanced security requirements and responsibilities for states and operators are critical for the future of the transport industry and investments.



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